ResearchGATE MasterBlog: The best of the scientific world

It’s a pleasure to announce that I will manage the MasterBlog of ResearchGATE, the biggest scientific community site. My job is to find and select the best content written by scientists in the community and share these with the readers. Here is what I wrote today in my new ResearchGATE blog:

Today we start streaming the best content produced by the ResearchGATE community here by sharing selected blog entries and microarticles. Blog entries will cover a wide variety of topics from all disciplines while microarticles are a summary of a peer-reviewed publication in 300 characters or less. We hope you find this blog useful and if you are a researcher, academic, journalist, or someone who uses research, we encourage you to join our community.

And an excerpt from the press release:

Efficient communication is the key to scientific progress, which is why the world’s largest academic  networking platform ResearchGATE is offering so many tools for exchanging ideas, papers, schedules and more. The latest application, to be introduced this week, makes it even easier for the 180,000 members to share news, thoughts and research results: Every profile within ResearchGATE now contains a personal blogging function.

Users are offered the choice between publishing just within their network or to a greater audience through their public profile. They can also submit entries to ResearchBLOG, the new public channel of the ResearchGATE scientific community. The highest quality posts from individual members are aggregated here to provide a reputable source for science news, commentary, research, and innovation from all fields of enquiry.