Real Human Avatar in Second Life

I’ve been writing about the educational opportunities Second Life can provide for years. Even if it seems to be very useful in distant learning, it has some serious problems (e.g. technical ones). Now it’s time to have a real presence in the virtual world (hat tip: Malburns):

In my vision, there are virtual case presentations involving students and professors just like in the videos above.

There is also an interesting article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research: A Survey of Health-Related Activities on Second Life. It’s a totally comprehensive guide to all the quality medical Second Life sites and projects. The Ann Myers Medical Center where I’ve been working in for 2 years is also mentioned:

The Ann Myers Medical Center, founded by Dr. Ann Buchanan in honor of her mother, Ann Myers, is run entirely by real-life nurses and physicians who donate their time. Much of the site is off limits to non-members. For its members, the site offers education through classrooms, resources, and simulations and is noted as being the first Second Life community to have adopted medical simulations in 2007.

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