Quality Medical Information: A Story

I launched PeRSSonalized Medicine to help patients and doctors keep themselves up-to-date more easily, without any kind of IT knowledge. Since the official launch, I’ve been receiving requests to add new blogs to the database, but as I must assure quality, I can only add resources that fits all the Webicina quality criteria.

perssonalized medicine

The authors of TrustTheEvidence blog contacted me 2 months ago and I asked them to get a Health on the Net Foundation accreditation, because it’s important to have the HONcode badget in order to get into the list of PeRSSonalized Medicine. They understood the point, did everything to get the accreditation and now they just received it.

It’s a pleasure for me to improve the database with such a useful and accredited blog.

Please let me know if you know more resources in these categories.

More information: PeRSSonalized Medicine: Your Own Medical Journal