PubMed API

Now, you know we have Pubmedfight in our hands to be able to resolve disputes between two scientists. But what about InterMEDI, a collaborative intelligence for biomed professionals. Excerpts from the blog Personomics:

With the “Search for collaborators” applications, you can find who worked with who. With the “Fight” application, you can compare two researchers on the basis of their publication number but also the number of collaborators they’ve had until now.

It is based on the Pubmed API. Based on a writer’s name “A”, you can retrieve all his articles. Based on those articles, you can retrieve all the co-authors. You then have the collaborator’s list of “A”. This tool is in beta version and will/should be developed in the next few months.

And if you would like to use a search engine that is quite different from Pubmed, check Scienceroll Search out and let us know your opinion.