Project Glass from Google in Medicine: 4 Ideas

Yesterday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced the launch of Project Glass which should be commercially available in 2013 for $1500.

Brin noted that Project Glass is what Google believes could be the next form factor of computing. As it stands now, many of us are willingly beholden to our smartphones with all the web browsing, twittering, pathing, instagramming and whatever else consuming most of our time. Human interaction has all but faded away. The fact that people play the “stacking game” is comical and cute but a sign of how infatuated we are with technology. Glass has the potential to buck that trend by “keeping people in the moment,” said Steve Lee, Product Manager for Glass. Brin also mentioned that Glass shouldn’t be used to fill idle time or to browse the web and that your phone or tablet perfectly fits those needs.

Let’s imagine in what areas it could help in medicine and healthcare.

  1. Immediate cross check regarding medical decisions (drug interactions, checklists): when a doctor makes a decision, he/she could look up and see the potential problems through the glasses.
  2. Live operations recorded from the surgeon’s point of view.
  3. Immediate consultation with other doctors worldwide.
  4. Better time management through the constant suggestions and tips through the glasses

What about your ideas?