Pregnancy and motherhood: update

First, a short story about Jennifer Gordon who wants to sell her pregnant stomach. Yes, the Super Bowl is coming…

Gordon, a lifelong “die-hard Bears fan,” already has airfare booked and a place to stay in Miami — but no Super Bowl tickets. She’s hoping to remedy that by auctioning off ad space on her nearly nine-months-pregnant belly to the highest bidder — or someone with really, really good seats.

Second, a great study on fetal alcohol defects :

Experts estimate approximately 100 babies are born daily suffering from alcohol related defects that include abnormalities such as neurological, craniofacial, and cardiac malformations… The findings suggest even small amounts of alcohol might be unsafe for pregnant women and also indicate cholesterol supplementation may be a potential means to prevent fetal alcohol defects.

And third, a honest post from Straight from the Doc about how it is like to be a single mom to a 4-year-old boy and a medical blogger. Motherhood and Marriage: Pathways to Psychiatric Breakdowns?

Jennifer should wear a bellymask…