Postgenomic, the best aggregator

I’ve recently realized that Scienceroll is included in Postgenomic’s group. It’s one of the best scientific blog aggregators, so it’s worth giving it a try. Scienceroll’s rank is 15! Some numbers describing my posts:

Most states require insurance forms to score 40–50 on the test. Time magazine scores about 52, so I don’t worry.

It indicates that the text is expected to be understandable by an average student in 9th grade.

Scienceroll is between Newsweek (10) and Reader’s Digest (9).

  • incoming bloglove: 16
  • outgoing bloglove: 20
  • incoming links: 48
  • outgoing links: 1,034! Wow!

As a blogger, take a look at your profile; as a reader, follow the best scientific blogs.