Physician of the Year: A Web-Savvy Doctor!

Even if we are in the very first days of January, I’m pretty sure I can tell you who is the physician of the year. Ricardo Vidal, the author of My Biotech Life, shared this link with me.

Jay Parkinson is a doctor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He says he is a new kind of physician. And I must agree with this statement for several reasons:

  • You can contact him by phone/MSN/Yahoo/AIM/GTalk, text or video chat.
  • After the first meeting, you can have an eVisit by videochat.
  • He has a database of fees for several NYC specialists and medications.
  • He has a perfect website with a blog, a correct CV and a lot of information.
  • You can apply to be his patient online!!


Am I the only one astonished by this? That’s what I call modern medicine and modern healthcare. Of course, the whole healthcare system couldn’t and shouldn’t work like that, but in some cases, it can be really innovative and useful. Personally, I’d choose a doctor like him.

The only concern I have is about giving medical advice online. Will the online discussions be logged or stored for further usage? What about the ethical or legal issues? I hope I can reach him by AIM or GTalk to ask him some questions.

Anyway, he will appear in Colbert Report soon.

Would you like your doctor to be a bit web savvy (while being a well-qualified medical professional)?

Another article published in the American Medical News, mentions doctors who are now turning to their web camera as a good tool for communicating with patients. Some of them use Youtube:

Loring Jacobs. MD , an internist from Las Vegas, wanted to find a more personal way to tell patients their routine test results, otherwise relayed through a phone call, an automated system or a nurse.

So Dr. Jacobs began making video e-mails, giving patients the results himself, and explaining them in more detail. If the news is bad, Dr. Jacobs sends a video requesting that the patient make an appointment.

Is it going to be a trend?