Pfizer Facebook page: Hacked!

Just when I read Pfizer’s social media playbook, I heard about the news that Pfizer’s Facebook page was hacked and people posted anti-Pfizer information and also angry language. What did Pfizer do?

Pfizer quickly responded by taking down the page, but not before their 24,000 fans were potentially exposed to anti-Pfizer messages and some angry language. Ongoing online brand monitoring is important, as well as a crisis communication plan.

Some take home messages about that:

1) Did Pfizer have a good reaction to this?

I don’t think so. This is Facebook, you delete the inappropriate entries, sincerely apologize to your fans and keep on publishing quality content. And also change your password. But you don’t have to close everything for hours.

2) Is this something that can easily happen on Facebook?

Well, if you have a weak and easily identifiable password; or click on suspicious links, it could happen.