PeRSSonalized Medicine vs Clinical Reader

A few months ago, we created PeRSSonalized Medicine on, a free service, to help medical professionals keep up with the huge amount of new medical information. Without having a clue what RSS is, you can follow your favourite resources, medical news sites and Pubmed updates in one place with just one click. You can also personalize it according to your needs.

perssonalized medicine

Now here is Clinical Reader that seems to be useful for those professionals who spend some more time on the web. It looks great though you can’t personalize it now and for me it takes many clicks to get to my favourite resources.

Welcome to Clinical Reader, a truly quality collection of accessible clinical, scientific and health literature aiming to ease information delivery to the medical community. Focus your time, discover new links, fine-tune your online experience in a bid to effectively manage online clinical browsing.

clin reader

Let me know your suggestions and if you want to add a new resource to PeRSSonalized Medicine, just leave a comment.