Personalized Genomics on Slideshows

When preparing for this year’s Researchers’ Night (details below), I was trying to collect some information and updates about the consumer genomics market for my presentation and found great slideshows. Enjoy!

If you thought that research was all about lab coats and Bunsen burners, think again. Like everyone else, researchers come from numerous backgrounds, have diverse interests and pursue a spectrum of hopes and dreams.

One thing they all have in common is a passion for research – and they want to share it with you. The European Commission’s ‘Researchers in Europe’ (RIE) initiative allows citizens to get closer to our researchers and gives a face to European research.

[slideshare id=3000281&doc=personalgenomes-100126205821-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=1738811&doc=consumerg-124795672599-phpapp01]

[slideshare id=2392181&doc=khomenkoepatient2009-091031151724-phpapp02]