Personalized Genetics: Weekend Summary Part Two

This is the second part of this weekend’s summary about personalized genetics.

What will be your genome’s impact?
I think this genome sequence will serve as a reference for the start of individualized medicine. We hope that by next year we’ll have 30 to 50 additional genomes and that eventually we’ll get at least 10,000. Once we create databases of many individuals’ genomes, we can start to sort out nature and nurture and give people information that can help them prevent disease.


  • Robin’s Market Blog: Response Genetics Plans to Make Available Its ERCC-1 Molecular Diagnostic Test for Platin-Based Chemotherapy Resistance in the First Quarter of 2008

Let’s finish this edition with a quote from George Church featured by Eye on DNA:

If you have cancer predisposition, you can get early diagnosis. You can get a mastectomy so you remove the tissue that’s likely to cause trouble. For stomach cancer, for colon cancer, there are various things that people do in advance. Or, you could [find out you] have a bad drug reaction, [and] you could just never take that class of drugs or food.