Personalized Genetics: Privacy and the Virtual Gene

Here is the regular post about the recent improvements of individualized medicine. This week, T. Ryan Gregory at Genomicron attempted to define the term genome. While The New York Times tried to redefine disease, genes and all.

What if a unauthorized person get access to the 23andme database? He will have a lot of information about many people. Ok, they can use strong encrypting algorithms but we know there is no 100% secure system. Maybe providing a anonymous service as Keyose this problem could be nearly totally prevented.

But this is not the only problem. Not at all!. What if I just take some of the spit of my new partner or my employee and send it to 23andme pretending to by my own spit? Then I could access to the genomic information of a third person without his/her permission. That sounds not really funny!

Google and Microsoft together on medical health records:

And if you’re fed up with these news about the personalized genetic companies, send a virtual gene to your friend in Facebook.

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