Personalized Genetics News: Genetic Test Registry and Profiling

I try to keep you really up-to-date about news and announcements focusing on personalized genetics on Gene Genie, but I must share some other articles with you now.

  • 23andMe Research Revolution: “23andMe wants to advance genetic research into diseases that affect countless people, and make healthcare more personalized. The Research Revolution program is a way of kicking off that effort by seeding an inaugural set of communities focused on diseases. These diseases were chosen in part because we have identified pre-existing communities that have developed around them — we are excited to expand this list, and welcome feedback about future additions.”

And as with any expensive technology, there is a concern that the benefits may only be available to those that can afford it, as DTC tests currently run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Yet the bigger divide, Lee suggests, may not be access to sequence information, but access to educational and interpretive information about genetic risk factors—for patients, consumers, and heath care providers alike.