Personalized Genetics: Mainstream?

I’ve already written several posts about the latest news of personalized genetics, this emerging field of medicine. You can find all the relevant material here. Although, this week wasn’t rich in articles from this particular field, but I’d like to share some links with you:

I start with the ITMAT Symposium where you should check out those interesting sessions (about the platforms of personalized medicine, the variability in human drug response and many more).


We need to change the pharma development process on its head; we need to re-train a medical community trained on reductionist techniques, and we have a population that still doesn’t quite understand the impact of all these discoveries (lets not forget the costs either).


Genomic Messaging System links archives of digital patient records to enable analysis of those records by a variety of bioinformatic and computational biology tools,” said Robson. For example, patient data could be more easily mined for interesting correlations, say between an insect bite and pancreatitis.

  • Steve Murphy, our gene sherpa, shared the summary of the Couma-GEN study with us.

The technology necessary for a personal-genomics revolution is here on the scene. Most people say that the major concern for personal-genomics projects is how to deal with the data from participants. And even on that front there seems to be a lot of optimism within the genomics community.

See you next time and follow Scienceroll through the whole weekend if you’re interested in the companies focusing on individualized genetics.