Personalized Genetics: Luxury? It shouldn’t be!

On a cold day in January, Dan Stoicescu, a millionaire living in Switzerland, became the second person in the world to buy the full sequence of his own genetic code.

In any case, while 23andMe and Knome focus on the rich, famous, and elite, there is a great need to show the general public how genetic testing of all types is relevant to their everyday lives.

Here is an other video (I still have more) about personalized medicine: Gregory Stock at WorldFuture 2007


Once a lab is up and running with Next Gen technology they quickly face the data management problem. Basic file system technology and file servers allow groups to store their data in nested directory structures. After a few runs, however, people realize that it gets really hard to know what data go with which run or with which sample – the Excel file storing that information gets lost, or the README file didn’t written.

Now I think I removed my whole backlog so let’s get ready for some hardcore genetics in the next few days…