Personalized Genetics: Let’s get it started…

I didn’t expect to see so many articles dedicated to personalized genetics in the first days of 2008. Recently, I’ve found too many to include all of them in my series. That’s why I tried to share only the most interesting thoughts/opinions/blogposts about individualized medicine with you. Be prepared for plenty of links and quotes!

An emerging field always gets some more attention when a serious article is published in a quality journal. This time, the New England Journal of Medicine wrote a report on these genetic companies. The skepticisim in the article is really correct:

For the patient asking whether these services provide information that is useful for disease avoidance, the prudent answer is “Not now — ask again in a few years.”

You can also listen to an interview with Muin Khoury on personal genomics services being offered directly to consumers. Steve, why didn’t they mention Helix Health?


Hsien-Hsien Lei at Eye on DNA reports that the Beijing Genomics Institute sequenced the fourth human genome in the world.

Three other pieces from the mainstream media:

Palmour asserts that these tests are just another way to convince people to do things to improve their health. She also suggests that such instances of individual genetic testing are bringing us to a new frontier of medical care that blends nature and nurture in order to help maximize health benefits.

Theranostics and personalized medicine have the potential to transform the medical industry and the overall approach to healthcare. Clearly, widespread adoption of theranostics will eliminate unnecessary treatment of patients for whom the treatment is ineffective or even dangerous, with an end result being major drug cost savings for the patients and the entire healthcare industry.

Do you think we will keep our genomic information in our pocket in the future? If yes, Medgadget’s tip could be the best option:


And my backlog is still growing. It seems I’ll have to post more often (anyway, I would love to do so if I hadn’t study so hard). Stay tuned for more!