Personal Genomics for Doctors

If there is no proper genomic education in medical school, how can we expect medical professionals to be able to answer the genomic test related questions of their patients? There is still a solution (actually the easiest one is valuable post-graduate education). Let’s give them genomic tests and let them see themselves what kind of results they can receive. 23andMe now offers discounted genome scans to clinicians. Excerpts from a Times Online interview with Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andme.

“Clearly we need to engage with physicians to help them to understand this information,” she said. “One of the things we’ve talked about is we’d love to get physicians comfortable with their own genomes first, have them understand what does it mean, explore the data, see what does it look like, and then go to work with their patients.

“I think that’s probably the way to do it. Physicians should be genotyped. We are talking about ways we could potentially do that. It’s important for physicians to understand what the experience is like; 23andMe is going to start putting more effort into educational material.”

Daniel MacArthur also mentioned the strange new outfit of the co-founders.Though, as I’ve previously reported, Linda Avey is leaving 23andMe.


(Via Genetic Future)