PediDraw: A web-based tool for drawing a pedigree in genetic counseling

I’ve recently come across a great article on a new and useful webtool (hardcore genetics 2.0). An excerpt of the BioMed Central article:

Drawing a pedigree is a prerequisite in genetic counseling. Currently, most pedigrees are drawn by hand or by drawing software.

We developed an online pedigree drawing tool, PediDraw, which enables users to generate pedigrees after inputting the family information step-by-step on web. It outputs a pedigree or table to present a family history to the counselors.

Today, I took a look at it. I created this diagram in about one minute (click to enlarge):


For a clinical geneticist, it’s an incredibly useful, free webtool. We need such improvements to make genetic counseling more appropriate.

I’m thankful to Min He, one of the authors for the kind help!