2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge Contest

Amy Tenderich at Diabetes Mine is one of the most famous diabetes bloggers worldwide. She also runs a fantastic contest: Welcome to the 2009 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge, an online competition to encourage creative new tools for improving life with diabetes. Do you have an idea for an innovative new diabetes device or web application? This […]

24 Hours with Diabetes

Kerri Morrone Sparling at Sixuntilme.com shared her normal day with us in her post 24 Hours with Diabetes. Such posts can help other diabetic patients around the world so much. Kerri sent me a lot of useful suggestions when creating the first Diabetes 2.0 package on Webicina.

Webicina: Web 2.0 Guidance Package about Diabetes

Webicina.com is my service that aims to help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era by providing them with e-courses, consulting and personalized packages. After weeks of hard work, I’m happy to announce we just made the first free patient package, Diabetes 2.0 Package, public. If you would like to know which web […]

Diabetes365: The best e-patient project ever

Kerri Morrone is one of the most famous e-patients nowadays. She runs the popular Sixuntilme blog that focuses on diabetes management and now finished a one-year-long project, the Diabetes365 (check the Flickr image collection out): Over the last 366 days (leap year added the extra challenge), I’ve lived my life with my camera at the […]

GlucoBoy: Great Idea in Diabetes Management

Kerri will certainly like this tool, GlucoBoy that represents the power of a good idea in chronic disease management. The Glucoboy is the first blood glucose meter that has been designed specially for kids, adolescents and the young at heart. By itself, the Glucoboy is an advanced blood glucose meter that is extremely accurate and […]

World Diabetes Day: A day of a diabetic vlogger

Kerri Morrone is a world-famous diabetic blogger who is a great encouragement to diabetic patients all over the world. Recently, she has made a video for my Medicine 2.0 credit course and now she posted a video for the World Diabetes Day. Don’t miss her interview with Dr. Val.