Open Access Social Media Guide for Pharma on!

After months of hard, collaborative work, just published the first version of the open access guide for pharma about using social media. While drug companies, healthcare professionals and e-patients wait for FDA guidelines on social media, with an expert crowd (with special thanks to Dr. Felix Jackson from MedDigital), we created our own guidelines to serve as a basis for more detailed, extended guides.

You can download the PDF (14 pages) here! And see it on Slideshare:

[slideshare id=10604108&doc=webicinaopenaccesssocialmediapharmaguide-111215101931-phpapp01&type=d]

Please feel free to download it, share it with your colleagues and join us to create an even more sophisticated second version which we can submit to the FDA. Give us feedback on Twitter through #pharmaSMguide!

The original Google Docs document contains more details, negative and positive social media-related pharma case studies as well.

Here are the Q&As about the project.