Omnee: An organic directory of Twitter users

Twitter is a microblogging platform with more and more users. Of course, it takes time and effort to find the Twitterers you should follow. A solution is to create categories based on profession or field of interest. Such a site is  Just Tweet It,a directory of Twitter users. BUT!

You have to choose a category, add your name, write a description and so on. If you are interested in different fields, you have to do the same process again and again.

I think, Mark Hawker solved this problem by creating Omnee:

Since Twitter removed their user search functionality there has not been a definitive directory solution created that didn’t require entering lengthy descriptions about yourself, or having to create yet another user account. I believe Omnee is the answer. Omnee is the first organic directory for Twitter which you can control directly via your tweets. No logins, no fuss.

Using our unique tag-based structure this gives you the freedom to add yourself to multiple “groups” quickly and easily. Why be constrained to pre-defined groups when you have the freedom to choose?


If you want to join groups of Twitter users, just send such a message on Twitter:

+health, +medicine #omnee

List your favourite fields after the +, and don’t forget to include #omnee!