Nijmegen: A Trip into the World of Health 2.0

Lucien Engelen invited me to give a presentation at a Health 2.0 event in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I spent 3 wonderful days there and the attendants seemed to be very open to the world of health 2.0.


The conference at the LUX centre


Lucien and me

I had a Second Life workshop where I talk about the medical implications of the virtual world. Then also had a presentation where I focused on e-patients. I hope I can publish the slideshow tomorrow.


Preparations for my Second Life workshop

I met great people there so what I can say to my Dutch friends: Dank u well!!

For more information, check the #zorg20 tag on Twitter.

All the slideshows were published on DigiCMB, including this one:

[slideshare id=1181005&doc=20090324-dcla-mderksen-communication-in-the-digital-age-v2-090322141759-phpapp02]

UPDATE: Flickr slideshow