NextBio: Life Sciences Data Search Engine

Almost a year ago, I wrote NextBio was just like using Pubmed but in a more dynamic way. Now the public version was launched so it’s free for everyone.

With NextBio, in just one click users can search through thousands of studies with billions of data points spanning across different experimental platforms, organisms and data types. It also searches across millions of publications to help find new articles pertaining to your search query. NextBio’s data and literature search engine makes massive amounts of disparate biological, clinical and chemical data from public and proprietary sources searchable, regardless of data type and origin, empowering researchers to quickly understand their own experimental results within the context of other research.

I gave it a try by searching for psoriasis and it looked impressive as it offered me the subtypes of psoriasis to search for (auto-complete list).

There were some genes that can play a role in the pathogenesis of the disease and some groups as well. It would be interesting to see how and why it shows only these genes (take a look at Gene2Mesh for a clearer example).

And one more thing:

We process the world’s publicly available high-throughput data through a semi-automated analysis pipeline which involves comprehensive quality control steps and the manual review of studies by our experienced scientific team to ensure the highest quality final output. NextBio correlates gene ontology, pathway and other functional information within the context of the world’s experimental data.

I still need time to get used to this system but looks quite useful and can really ease the job of a scientist. Give it a try!

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