News of genetics and some words about genetic education

I’ve recently found some interesting genetic blogposts, articles and sites that can be useful for users seeking genetic information.

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a simple and economical technique for imaging and mapping fruit fly chromosomes. This new approach will enable them to construct the first accurate map of the chromosomes and tease out the secrets hidden in their stripes… The new approach will allow scientists to answer fundamental questions about chromosome structure

Steve Murphy talks about personalized medicine and the problems of genetic education:

The solutions? Are tough. I think we need to teach the teachers, we also need to teach the medical students. Physicians have not changed our level of genetics understanding in the last 30 years. That’s why they all think Huntington’s is the prototypical genetic disease. When I tell them that MI is the new prototypical genetic disease they laugh. How can we fix these attitudes? Even psychiatrists agree that genetics is important but they realize the lack of knowledge they have.

Maybe that’s why I try to help in establishing the International Student Network on Genetics Education which could cause a revolution in genetic education. I’m going to write a longer post about this project soon.

  • Your Genes, Your Health

A multimedia guide to several genetic disorders.


A perfect overview of pseudogenes, pseudogenomes, differences in pseudogenes in a well-illustrated article.

So if you still have questions, ask a geneticist as described by Blaine Bettinger.

Do you have a burning question about genetics that’s been keeping you up at night? Ever wonder why the combination of red hair and brown eyes is so rare? There are two great resources currently available online for anyone who is curious about genetics.