Neurology 2.0: A free guide to web 2.0 for medical professionals

Webicina, the first medical web 2.0 guidance service, just launched Neurology 2.0, a free comprehensive resource containing all the web 2.0 tools from quality blogs and communities to online slideshows and clinical cases that focus on the conditions and illnesses of the nervous system. main page

We have already published several packages for patients such as Diabetes 2.0, Depression 2.0 or Cancer 2.0; but Rheumatology 2.0 is the first and Neurology 2.0 is only the second one designed for medical professionals.

The table of contents:

      neurology 20

      Next week, we will release the first e-course that will contain several step-by-step tutorials about how to create and write a quality medical blog.

      Our mission is to help patients and medical professionals how to use the web as efficiently as possible.

      Please let us know which medical condition or medical specialty we should focus on next time.