Navigenics: On the market!

We’ve been all waiting for this. Navigenics is now officially on the market and launched its service. The main differencies between Navigenics and the other personalized genetic companies were described clearly in a recent Wired article:

  • They cover 18 diseased and they’re using a 1 million SNP chip.
  • They charge an initial fee of $2,500 for a one year membership and an annual fee of $250. But they re-test your DNA from time to time as more associations with different SNPs are discovered.
  • They calculate Lifetime Risk instead of comparing my risk to the average one.
  • 24/7 access to their genetic counselors.
  • And they involve physicians strongly:

Navigenics puts a great deal of emphasis on the utility of genotype data for useful medical insights. To that end, “we’re putting education towards the top of our agenda,” says Mari Baker, and they’ve bankrolled an online continuing medical education course on Genomic and Personalized Medicine with Medscape. What’s more, they suggest customers bring doctors their Health Compass Report, a primer for personal physicians explaining what the company does, how it calculates risk, and what their patients results might precondition them for.

At this point, I’m impressed. We will see how it goes and when they will come to the European market.

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