MyBioWizard: Your homepage for medical and life science information

If you are a medical professional, you certainly use Pubmed and you may use the Save Search function as well. But BioWizard is your place if you would like to screen that big amount of information coming from Pubmed. It keeps you up- to- date with the most important published literature as chosen by the global biomedical research community. Biowizard has recently added some features to their service under the name of MyBioWizard in order for you to create your own homepage of medical and life science information. Let’s see what you can use now:


  • medical conference abstracts updated daily from thousands of meetings worldwide
  • improved PubMed search with:
    • save search results option with the ability to organize into user-defined folders
    • save abstract feature with the ability to organize into user-defined folders
    • e-mail abstracts to a colleague
  • Scopus citations covering 3,400 life science titles
  • export to EndNote feature available for saved abstracts to streamline bibliographies
  • a customizable homepage that lets subscriber select:
    • which science-related news feeds they receive (from 100+ categories)
    • which institutional news feeds they receive (from 60+ global institutions)
    • which promoted articles they receive (select based on category and popularity)
    • the layout of their homepage by dragging,dropping, and/or collapsing sections to suit their preferences


The Biowizard Team is doing a great job to create the best friend of Pubmed. It’s worth giving it a try!

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