My Generation Health: Genetic testing first!

There are many personalized genetic services nowadays, but I think only a few of them have a strong future (Helix Health, Navigenics and 23andMe). Now here is a new candidate, My Generation Health.


Generation Health is a health management company that specializes in helping employers and other health care payors manage medical costs and improve their employees’ and members’ health by assuring optimal utilization of genetic testing. Just as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) arose in the 1980’s to help health care payors better manage their pharmacy expenditures, Generation Health recognizes the need for a genetic testing benefit manager to be a trusted third party that can help payors manage this increasingly complex field. Clients will realize value in several ways:

  • Establishing a framework and rationale for covering and excluding specific genetic tests, based upon clinical validity and utility.
  • Prior authorization of all covered tests for eligible employees based upon sound medical criteria.
  • Negotiating discounted testing prices and quality/service standards with a contracted network of genetic testing labs.
  • Identifying patients, through analysis of medical and prescription claims, who may benefit from genetic testing, and then facilitating their testing.

(Via Lab Soft News)

Do you think it has a future?