My Dream Came True

I’ve already talked about my dream to have a software or service that could help physicians how to find out a diagnosis more easily based on symptoms or how to avoid misdiagnosis more efficiently. Now, I came across Isabel on Constructive Medicine where Rahul Shetty, MD said:

Now they can use a web tool named ISABEL,

What is Isabel, it is a Web-based medical technology that generates a list of possible diagnoses based on the patients’ symptoms. The cost for using this system for a 300 bed hospital is $50,000


According to their About Us page:

The clinicians who ‘Isabel’ their patients at an early stage are able to offer a higher quality of care and reduce clinical risk by ensuring that important possible diagnoses have not been missed.

Isabel uniquely adds intelligence to the electronic medical record (EMR) by processing extracted relevant clinical information automatically thereby providing the clinician with diagnosis support instantly with no additional data entry.

What’s next? Maybe DrFirst (via Medgadget):

As physicians are becoming more tech savvy, and a younger flock is graduating from medical school more comfortable with gizmos, many companies are releasing mobile productivity tools specifically designed for physicians. DrFirst™, for example, just released its attractive e-prescribing system for the iPhone, allowing doctors to very easily, and securely, send a prescription to a patient’s pharmacy.


Before you’d say, no, these will never substitute the work of physicians. These are just meant to assist medical professionals in order to be able to use the incredible amount of information of the web. That’s all…