My Bookshelf: The Decision Tree

I’m starting a new series here called My Bookshelf in which I will post short reviews of the new books I finish. I’m glad the first book I mention is The Decision Tree by Thomas Goetz, the executive editor of Wired Magazine. I met Thomas during last year’s Science Foo Camp event and he has a unique vision about how healthcare should work. The starting point of the book is that healthcare is one of the few fields where people don’t exactly know what kind of choices they have, how they can make a decision based on facts and reliable information. It’s obvious that they have to be able to access such information so then they can make the best possible decisions (by using properly designed decision trees).

The Decision Tree is one of (if not) the best health-related books I’ve ever read. I hate those books that try to tell me something though essays and musings. What I love is content and information. This book provides a huge amount of interesting content, great stories and also does it in a totally enjoyable way. It certainly creates a new way of thinking about healthcare decisions.

  • Uniqueness of the basic idea of the book: 10/10
  • The way it was written: 10/10
  • Overall score (including price, figures, etc.): 10/10