Mütter Museum: is this art?

A really strange museum with unforgettable objects. In 1858, Thomas Dent Mütter, retired Professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College , presented his personal collection of unique anatomic and pathological materials. Now their collection boasts over 20,000 objects. Wikipedia article says:

The Mütter Museum is a museum of medical oddities, antique medical equipment and biological specimens located in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. The original purpose of the collection was medical research and education, but today it is used as a museum for the general public.

But it’s also a medical freak show nowadays. Skulls eaten away by syphilis, skulls with holes in them, plaster cast of Chang and Eng, the conjoined twins, a malignant tumor removed from President Grover Cleveland‘s hard palate and stomach-turning objects, just see the images below (Image source).

Madame Dimanche, a French washer-woman from the late 18th Century with a horny growth protruding from the skin of her forehead.

Conjoined twins