Musical geniuses, pregnancy mystery, virtual genomic counseling and medical reviews of House, MD

I’ve got plenty of links for today:

Music under the microscope: the relation between biology and genetics and human music, its peculiarities and reasons. These are the main themes of the International Workshop on the Biology and Genetics of Music, to be held in Bologna, May 20 to 22, with leading scientists currently involved in researching the mysteries of music.

A Deakin University study has unlocked one of the many mysteries of pregnancy : how the trace element copper is transported across the placenta… The results provide a target for further research into a range of conditions that are believed to be related to copper metabolism such as preeclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation.

The PBS television station KQED in San Francisco recently aired a very thoughtful segment comparing online genomic counseling through DNA Direct to traditional face-to-face counseling via UCSF.

And at last, a short interview of various 1st year residents (interns) featuring music by They Might Be Giants – Am I Awake.