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Children whose mothers were stressed out during pregnancy are vulnerable to mental and behavioural problems like ADHD, mounting evidence suggests… We should be screening women in pregnancy for stress and intervening. It has big public health implications. About a million children in the UK have neurodevelopmental problems – ADHD, cognitive delay, anxiety and so on. About 15% of this might be due to antenatal stress.

A new study finds that women who take folic acid supplements early in their pregnancy can substantially reduce their baby’s chances of being born with a facial cleft… The researchers estimated that 22 percent of isolated CLP cases in Norway could be averted if all pregnant women took 0.4 mg of folic acid per day.

In the wake of a new record for becoming the world’s oldest mother, fertility experts are encouraged by recent research showing that older moms are as capable of good parenting as younger women — but are increasingly concerned about women naively postponing pregnancy till later in life.