MMVR17: The Salon

It was the third day of the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17 conference and the day was dedicated to The Salon:

Salon explores health, learning, and technology through art. Within its gallery space, attendees can browse, converse, relax, and discover. In Salon, artwork and multimedia compositions stimulate fresh approaches to biomedical modeling, visualization, and simulation. Select demonstrations will allow hands-on creativity.


I did a workshop about the medical places of Second Life. I asked the members of the Ann Myers Medical Center to be around and answer the questions of the participants through the virtual world so we could show the real power of such an online institute.


Chris Culbertson (Neuroscience Ph.D. student) presented how virtual reality can be used in addiction medicine. Read more about it in our interview.


Karl Heinz Hoehne (Medical Informatics; University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf & Voxel Man) presented the VOXEL-MAN project. Read more about it in our interview.


We could simulate biopsies in a 3D environment using a force-feedback controlled device.


Johannes Vockeroth ( University Hospital Munich ) presented the Gaze-Driven Head-Mounted Camera project. Read more about it in our interview.

I’m sorry for not providing longer descriptions but I’m quite tired as I’ve had a wonderful time at the conference and got really positive feedback on my slideshow and the efforts I’ve done with