MedWatch:science marketing, weird gene names and top 10 tools for college students

I must show you some of the links I’ve recently found.

How would you feel if you were told you carried a mutation in the gene ‘Lunatic Fringe homolog (Drosophila)’? Two percent of human genes are named based on their known ortholog or paralog in Drosophila; some of these Drosophila genes have whimsical names such as “lunatic fringe”.

“There are few scientists and engineers in the world…and fewer that are really in charge of their countries,”… He also encouraged scientists to make their findings more freely available, saying that “most of the work you guys have done is not represented” in Web searches because of publishing restrictions… Page threw out a few more ideas to raise science’s profile, such as tying tenure and grant money to the media impact of research and having universities oversee science education in primary schools, which he admitted was a “radical proposal.”

Scientists have demonstrated in mice that it may be possible to correct birth defects such as a cleft palate by injecting rapamycin into the mother to restore the functions of a protein called GSK-3 beta, which play a role in the development of cleft palates and sternum defects.

I have been in college almost three years now and have been using many different Web tools that saved me time, helped me learn more and, most importantly, did not cost a penny. Here are 10 tools that I recommend for every college student…