Medicine 2.0: The show goes on


Medicine 2.0 is a blog carnival dedicated to e-health and the impact of web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare. This is the 26th edition and the 5th time I host it myself.

These days you can review abstracts for the Medicine 2.0 Congress which we, some medical bloggers, plan to attend this September in Toronto. Take a look at the review page and cast your vote. Until then, let me share some interesting articles and blogposts with you.

Pubmed in focus:

Laika’s Medlib Blog had two great posts about the past, present and future of Pubmed, the search engine of health science data (part I and part II).

Euan Adie at Nature Network presented Pubmed FaceOff, a new mashup:

It renders PubMed results as a set of photorealistic Chernoff Faces whose facial features are determined by the age, citation count and journal impact factor associated with each paper. The idea is that you can tell at a glance which papers are new, exciting and high impact and which are languishing, uncited and unread.


Joshua Schwimmer at The Efficient MD says our next stethoscope should be electronic and he tells us why.

Deepak Singh at bbgm talks about medicine and the iPhone.

The Medgadget Team shared some 21st Century Flashcards with us on, of course, iPhone.


Scott Shreeve at Crossover Healthcare had some comments about consumerism in healthcare.

Jay Parkinson gave a revolutionary presentation at HIMSS.

Don’t forget to take a deeper look at this fantastic presentation: Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 and Beyond:

Social networks, wikis and more:

The Clinical Cases and Images blog is curious whether there is a feed for job search for physicians.

David Rothman shared CoPub, a text-minig tool, with us.

Walter Jessen at Highlight Health told us seven ways to connect with the Highlight HEALTH Network.

Uri Ginzburg at Medical 2.0 reported a web world for junior scientists.

Alan J Cann at Science of the Invisible listed the reasons for the lack of adoption of social networks for postgraduate laboratory scientists.

Bunny Ellerin at Pharma 2.0 says physicians continue to get social.

YS at Prem4MD found free resources for MRIs Xrays CTs.

And me at Scienceroll presented Second Life Fitness:

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