Medicine 2.0: the beginning of a new era

I just created a new page in the upper sidebar to make it easier to access all of my medicine 2.0-related articles.

I’m pretty sure that web 2.0, the new generation of web services, will (and already is playing) play an important role in the future of medicine. These web tools, expert-based community sites, medical blogs and wikis can ease the work of physicians and scientists (and medical students).

So I decided to collect sites, presentations and services that could be helpful for medical experts. I collaborate with Ves Dimov (at, Bob Coffield (at, Brian Jefferson and Ken Civello (at

I’ve had several opportunities to present my work in many clinics here in Debrecen, Hungary, but now I’m planning to search for universities around the world interested in a presentation like this one below. If you’re interested, just send me an e-mail to berci.mesko [at]

My most important work on the subject is Genetics and Web 2.0: the presentation.

[slideshare id=38007&doc=genetics-and-web-20-22299&w=425]

Second Life, the virtual world:



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