Medical Education Evolution: Time for a change

I just finished my last exams so now I’m officially in the last year of medical school. I believe I know exactly the problems of medical education as there are some of them even at the best universities. I believe medical education is still traditional while medicine is not traditional any more.

Do you think today’s residents and physicians can answer the questions of e-patients? I know, medicine will never be an online service but there will be more and more e-patients who would like to contact their doctors through e-mail or Skype and would like to get some relevant/useful resources where they can find more information about their medical condition. Do you think today’s physicians can help these patients?

If we do not change medical education, there will be a strange situation: e-patients will know more about e-health than medical professionals. How could they help them that way?

I believe medical education is not ready for the 21st century and there are just a few good initiatives (one example). It’s not about changing the whole concept of medical education, but we have to implement the tools of medicine 2.0 into all the medical curriculums. We came up with an idea regarding how to achieve this:

Jen McCabe Gorman, Ted Eytan, and me created a Ning community for those who are interested in changing medical education. We’re working on a new concept and plan to find a medical school that would use it. Feel free to join us and let us know your thoughts.

Don’t forget to check Jen’s wonderful post about it.