Medical Education Evolution: Looking forward to 2009!

This July, Jen McCabe Gorman, Ted Eytan, and me created a Ning community for those who are interested in changing medical education. We’re working on a new concept and plan to find a medical school that would use it. Feel free to join us and let us know your thoughts.

The community now has 95 members and 22 ongoing discussions.

As some of us organize university courses about medicine 2.0 or health 2.0 (e.g. my course in Debrecen) and as the Google Document containing the database of useful medical links is still growing, I can’t wait to see the results in 2009. This document features now almost a hundred sites, services and projects. Include your favourite websites!

I hope we can build a concept on how to reform medical education worldwide with the tools of web 2.0.

Let’s work even harder for a better education in 2009 (as Sir Ken Robinson described):

Further reading: