Medi-Vision: Clinical Practice through Demonstrations

I don’t want to overwhelm you with sites focusing on medical videos and animations, but I have to present you the recent addition to my big list of sites with medical/scientific videos. Medi-Vision is here:


The Medi-Vision™ Film Series aims to teach good clinical practice through expert case demonstrations on film; second to patient-side experience, we think this is the best way to become a better doctor. We keep the focus of our DVDs on observation, interaction and assessment skills and especially on history-taking, physical signs and the appropriate use of tests. We have had the cooperation of hundreds of excellent patients and many distinguished clinicians in the UK, Asia and the USA. To facilitate CME assessment we have developed unique on-line quizzes, relevant to each film. 

Currently, I have to study gastroenterology and it’s really useful for me to check some of the typical physicial signs through professional demonstrations. A paradise of medical students.