MDLifeSucks: Share Your Story

Of course, there is a reason why doctors become doctors (I have my own – to become a geneticist), but sometimes MD life is really not like what we expected. MDLifeSucks collects these negative stories and encourages you to share yours. A few examples:

I made the mistake of buying an MD license plate. Now, every time I go to the mechanic for a simple oil change, they find something new wrong with my car.

I put back a patient’s gown in the scrub dispenser machine and now my scrub machine privileges are revoked and the security camera picture of me doing so is plastered on the wall for all to see. MDLS.

I had to do a rectal exam on a 79 year old patient. She moaned. MDLS

Just realized I won’t make any real money until I’m 30. MDLS.

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