Managing the Social Media Presence of a Popular Health Portal

I’ve been working on projects related to health and social media for years. I’ve been a consultant to health 2.0 and pharma companies, have been managing two award winning blogs (in English and Hungarian) and launched, the first free social media curation service. I’ve always wanted to use this experience and expertise and manage the social media presence of the biggest health portal in Hungary, that has over 2,5 million visits a month.

It’s a great pleasure to announce that I’m now managing the Facebook, Twitter and blog channels of, the biggest, most popular health portal that has been serving the community since 1999! I’m also a consultant now regarding the total online and digital communication of the site. Though this is a Hungarian project, I’ll keep you updated about how a properly managed and designed social media presence can boost the image of a major national health portal.

Until then, see you also on the official blog or the Facebook and Twitter channel of