Live Twitter Surgery – Awake Craniotomy

I’m amazed how innovative the Henry Ford Hospital is. They streamed the first live surgery on Twitter a few weeks ago (CNN report) and now they will perform another live Twurgery, an awake craniotomy. Follow them on Twitter for more information.

Dr. Kost Elisevich and Dr. Steven Kalkanis will lead a neurosurgical team from Henry Ford Hospital as we follow a patient undergoing an awake craniotomy with speech mapping for the purpose of resecting a brain tumor.

The case: The patient is a 47 year old male who has had a lifelong history of seizures, dating back to when he suffered a stroke as an infant with resulting febrile convulsions. Over the last few decades, his seizures have been reasonably well controlled, and he has worked most of his adult life. He is married and has two grown children. However, his seizures have increased in frequency dramatically over the last several weeks. Imaging studies revealed a partially enhancing lesion in the anterior portion of his right temporal lobe, most consistent with a low-to-intermediate grade glioma, a type of malignant brain tumor.


Photo courtesy: Henry Ford Hospital