Live Blogging Today: First Medical Simulation in Second Life!

Follow Scienceroll Live today as the first medical simulation is going to take place at 11:00 AM Second Life time = 20:00 CET = 14:00 EDT. So in 5 hours, I’m going to inform you about everything happening inside the Ann Myers Medical Center of Second Life. It’s going to be extremely interesting (and we also believe it’s going to be a revolutionary event in medical education).


I’m also going to try to make some videos during the process.

Live Blogging Now!

  • 10:45: (Second Life Time= 13:45 EDT): logging into Second Life
  • 10:46: 6 interns are already in there. Everybody is excited.
  • 10:53: More and more people! We’re talking about the new building and heading to the conference room.
  • 10:57: 14 people so far. I blocked Vladimir’s way. It only happens in a virtual world. 🙂
  • 11:02:Outsiders are welcome as well! Come and watch! TELEPORT!
  • 11:09: Here is a LIVE image of us:


  • 11:13: A student from Drexel University, Faculty of Medicine is also with us. It is a great team! Vladimir is going to describe the whole process.
  • 11:17: We got the first case:


  • 11:23: We’re discussing the possible diagnoses and tests. Interesting discussion with students from around the world.
  • 11:29: It’s not so easy as you think. I thought he could bleed from the stomach, others say it’s leukaemia…
  • 11:33: Ok, what tests? CT, a complete blood count and a bone marrow sample.
  • 11:37: I got it!! Hairy cell leukaemia… It was easy after seeing the tissue images:


  • 11:39: An idiot disturbed the meeting, but Vladimir took care of him.
  • 11:47: We’re asking questions because we got some text to discuss about this case. I didn’t know TRAP is an indicative test for Hairy Cell Leukaemia.
  • 11:53: We’re discussing the other images as well. The first on to the left is the peripherial blood sample. The big hint in the blood cells is a characteristic sign of HCL. The second to the left is representing bone marrow fibrosis.
  • 11:57: A new electron micrograph image is just awesome. It really is hairy. 🙂


  • 12:04: As Vera can’t move (yes, that happens in Second Life), we have floating images now:


  • 12:15: We have one week to talk about those questions and we’ll discuss the answers next week.
  • 12:19: It’s not so easy to find a date avaliable for everyone for the next meeting.
  • 12:26: So we got a notecard about the patient’s history; a notecard about the possible tests and a notecard with many questions we should answer for the next meeting.
  • 12:35: Most of us just left the conference room. It was a fascinating experience. To learn from physicians and with medical students from around the world. I believe this is just the beginning. We will make it possible for medical students to interact, to learn without borders and limits!
  • 12:46: Finally, for my live blogging work, I got a motorbike with a Canadian flag on it. There wasn’t any with a Hungarian flag… 🙂


Live Blogging is Over Now!

Thanks for watching, let’s meet next Thursday!