LISTEN project: Evidence-based Nursing practice

People working in healthcare or related to healthcare must enter the web 2.0 era whether they like it or not.

Patients (the so-called e-patients) are finding their ways to enter it.

Medical students and educators seem to be quite ready as well.

Nurses have maybe the best community online (huge nursing blogosphere, Twitter groups, communtiy sites, etc.). Here is another example, LISTEN:

Nurses with good information literacy competencies are able to provide evidence-based nursing practice resulting in positive patient outcomes. Most nurses, however, do not possess necessary attitudes, knowledge, and skills in information technology, nursing informatics, and information literacy.

The Learning Information Seeking and Technology for Evidence-based Nursing practice (LISTEN) project is designed to improve information literacy competencies of student and professional nurses. We are doing this by preparing:

  • a series of online learning modules,
  • web-based resources, and
  • interactive opportunities to learn more.


So where is the problem? Of course, with doctors who are not ready to meet the expectations of e-patients. I hope will help them…