Let’s crowdsource the doctor now!

There is an amazing and moving story on Paul Levy’s blog about an ex-soldier who got wounded in Israel and an American doctor saved his eye sight. He would like to thank the doctor but could never track her down. Maybe we could.

 In 1973, 20-year-old Boaz Tamir was the leader of a defensive tank group on the Golan Heights in Israel when the Syrians attacked.  In the course of the battle, he was blinded by shrapnel and taken to the closest hospital for treatment.*  That small hospital was in Tiberias and ordinarily would not have had an eye specialist present.  But a young American doctor who had been visiting one of the Jerusalem hospitals for clinical rotations was assigned to this hospital in the periphery.  It turns out she was very adept at eye surgery and was able to remove the metal particles, and he recovered his eyesight.

Because Boaz left in such a hurry, he never had a chance to thank the doctor.  He later tried to track her down but was unable to find her.

To sum it up, we are looking for a doctor who did her clinical rotation in a small hospital in Tiberias in 1973. Please share this message.