Labtutorials in Biology: A new blog on the horizon

I’m very happy and excited as the lab I’ve been working in for 2 years just launched a blog that focuses on tutorials about molecular biology. Labtutorials in Biology is going to be a unique blog providing step-by-step tutorials in molecular biology and descriptions that can be really useful for students. Bálint L. Bálint, junior lecturer, is behind the whole concept and he’s been making videos and writing descriptions for weeks.

Dear Colleagues!

I have decided to make an online collection of the basic (and not so basic) techiques we use in our lab. This is a (hopefully) classical molecular biology lab located in Europe, Hungary, more close in Debrecen. I will present you the lab and environment later.

The idea is to describe these techiques, make a pdf version of the protocols we are using and in some of the cases to upload videos about these techinques.

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