Kinect for CPR training: Video

Federico Semeraro sent me this description about his project:

The main objective of this research project is the development of a training platform for quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation of lay and health care personnel. The proposed training platform is composed of a traditional manikin for the physical interaction and Kinect Sensor, that will beautomatically reconstruct trainee’s hands position and posture while performing chest compressions.

The system will automatically extract and analyse the movement features performed by the trainee, to assess the trainee performance in terms of  compression rate and depth and the correct arms‘ position and alignment with the mannequin. An on-line feedback correction will be provided during the performance. The training session will be also endowed with an augmented reality simulation, showing the current view from the camera enriched with superimposed graphical information to improve the compression performance (arrow, text, bars) and the 3D graphics representation of the mannequin as a virtual character, allowing the detection of chest rising and correct standard position during inflation for checking the proper application of ventilation.