JoVe: PubMed, RSS and many more

After yesterday’s post about WeShow, here is an announcement of the recent improvements of JoVe, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, which is getting closer to become the best resource of medical/scientific videos.

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) and science bloggers have one very important thing in common – we believe that science belongs on the internet. These recent developments will help to accelerate the pace of research:

o JoVE may soon be indexed on PubMed! When the ruling committee convenes in June, JoVE will become the first video journal ever to be reviewed by PubMed.

o JoVE recently signed an agreement with established science publishing companies (Annual Reviews, Springer Protocols, Current Protocols) for joint protocol publication, as in this example.

o You can use our video-articles to illustrate your posts . Email if you would like to embed a video from our site into your posts.

o A JoVE RSS feed is now available at Subscribe to the feed to receive JoVE updates delivered to your aggregator of choice.

o Look for the “Bookmark” icon on the right hand side of the page to store your favorite video-articles on Digg,, StumbleUpon, and many others, with one easy click.

o Stay tuned for the debut of JoVE’s own blogging platform and community site. If you are interested in blogging for JoVE or syndicating your current blog on the JoVE homepage, please contact us at


JoVE is doing a great job to make science web-ready.

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